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Six Ways to Heal Your Gut After the Holidays

“It’s the holiday season,” and we all know what that means; kiss our healthy eating habits goodbye and say hello to the abundance of comfort foods sprawled out across the family dinner table. Christmas cookies, stuffing, and sugar plums;  It’s fun while it lasts, but how can we get our digestive health back on the healthy track? Here are six relatively simple tips to restore your gut health that could optimize your microbiome health: Take a probiotic supplement: Probiotic supplements and food sources with beneficial bacteria will improve the number of good bacteria in your gut. Yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut are all good food sources of probiotics. Eat a balanced diet: Avoid excess dairy, red meat, and refined sugars. Make sure you eat enough whole foods and fiber. Your microbiome feeds off the remnants in the colon after the amino acids, and other nutrients are digested, so it’s important to consume enough complex fiber instead of processed foods. Get enough sleep, water, and exer